2-8 Players
60 Minutes

Break into an ancient Egyptian tomb littered with lost secrets and bring home the hapless hero trapped inside. Will you escape in time? Or will you become a part of history while crying for Mummy?

Renowned explorer and celebrated archeologist Julian Bones ventured into a long lost tomb and hasn’t been heard from since. Time for a rescue mission! But as you begin your search, you accidentally set off a booby trap and the crypt seals you in! Work together and keep your wits about you to become a Tut above the rest before the sands of time run out!

This immersive cinematic adventure will blow you away! A remarkable movie-like experience filled with action and challenge that’s bound to make anyone feel like their own movie-star!

Age: Suitable for ages 8+ (Children under 12 require adult supervision)
Players: 2-8 Players
Difficulty: 3/5 (please advise your gamemaster how you would like to receive clues)

HEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDANCE: The entrance to The Tomb is through a crawl tunnel, if members of your party are uncomfortable with this there is an alternative access door to allow them into the game. There is a lot of sand in the room, please wear comfortable clothing you don’t mind getting dirty. We are not responsible for any damage to your attire.