60 Minutes

Coming Home is our brand new family-friendly experience! Sometimes you go looking for adventure, but sometimes adventure finds you!

Solve a series of intricate puzzles to unlock the parts of a long lost traveler and bring him back to life! A fast-paced series of games and puzzles to unlock the parts of a long lost robot. Do you have what it takes to reassemble him before it’s too late?! Coming Home centers around a very important and puzzling box that needs to be opened, a completely unique escape room experience!

It’s already received rave reviews & the winner of an ‘EscapeTheRoomers’ Bullseye award! 🏆



“It really is something else – something new, something unique. Play it – I promise, you’ll leave with a smile on your face.”
Nick Moran, Creative Director, Time Run

“A charming, delightful and perfectly-balanced game. Coming Home was a delicate and enchanting journey, which left us smiling for the rest of the afternoon. One of my favorites.”
Sarah Dodd, player of 1450+ games

We enjoyed Coming Home more than we’ve enjoyed most of the traditional escape rooms we’ve played.”
Lisa and David, RoomEscapeArtist (Escape Game Bloggers)

Age: Suitable for ages 8+ (Children under 12 need to be accompanied by an adult) – This experience is best experienced as a family or group of adults
Players: 2-5 players
Difficulty: 4/5 stars (please advise your Gamemaster what style of clues you prefer)
Please Note: This experience is contained within a single beautifully decorated room and centers around solving the puzzles on Gregg’s intricately designed steampunk box that’s filled with fantastic tricks and challenges.