3-10 Players
60 Minutes
Brand new experience ‘CARNEVIL’ is now open for guests if you dare! 😱 1000sq ft of fun and frights! 😱

Let me tell you the tale of the Grimaldi Brothers, one kind and one kinda evil. Percevil made a deal with the devil for the Carnival to run forever but all deals come at a cost…that cost was his brother.

More than 100 years later the Carnival continues on, bright lights hiding a dark past. The stench of popcorn and despair is the perfect combination for a fantastic time!

One of the acts Madame Mystica has reached out to you to try and free the carnival and its acts. Can you set them free and escape the haunted carnival? Or will you become one of the attractions forever…👻

Ages: 15+ (12+ allowed with adult present)
Players: 3-10 Players
2 Player Teams – As an exception 2 Player games are available with adjusted gameplay at regular price on weekdays, and 3 player price at weekends
Difficulty: 4.5/5 Stars (please advise your gamemaster how you would like to receive clues)
PLEASE NOTE: There are no live actors in Carnevil! Carnevil contains flashing lights and smoke effects that may not be suitable for those with Epilepsy, Asthma or other related conditions.

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