Updated – 01/07/22 – Subject to change

Here at The Panic Room Harlow, we want to be able to give everyone the opportunity to escape, however due to the format of escape rooms & the buildings we are in this isn’t always the case. We are always looking to improve our offering and make changes that will mean there is more to offer for everyone. If you have any questions at all about whether a room will be suitable for you, just contact us!

Wheelchair Accessibility:
There are onsite disabled toilets available at all times on the main floor
Access to the building there is currently no lift from ground to the main floor, due to this there is an approved entrance by the Harvey Centre, please contact us for instructions and our member of staff will guide you through on the day.

Wheelchair accessible if the player is transferable and able to use stairs for short periods, some/multiple parts of modified gameplay:
CSI Mafia Murders
The Panic Room
Strike Force

PLEASE NOTE: For those that do not require a wheelchair but need seating available in the room this is available in all rooms on request and many rooms already have seating to accommodate this.

Generic Briefing/Safety Videos are subtitled and printed copies of the story introduction are available upon request.
The following games have audio puzzle/communication elements that have accessibility adjustments upon request:
CSI Mafia Murders – There are several audio elements in the room however written versions of these audio elements can be provided upon request

Rooms with limited DEAF/HOH accessibility:
The Panic Room – There are 2 audio puzzles
Strike Force – There is 1 audio puzzle & clues provided by walkie talkie
North Pole Panic – There is 1 audio/musical puzzle
Carnevil – Clues provided by walkie-talkie plus 2 puzzles that will be achievable but more difficult without audio cues.

Epilepsy/Light sensitivity Accessibility:

The following rooms have elements of flashing/strobing lights which may affect some users;
Strike Force – Slow rotating red lights, which can be deactivated

Colour Blindness:
The following rooms have colour based puzzles:
The Panic Room – 1 Puzzle, however can be solved by logic rather than colours
North Pole Panic – 2 Puzzles that require colour
Carnevil – 1 Puzzle

Low Light:
In some experiences the story/setting may be dark to be on theme with the surrounding however suitable torches or light sources are always provided for puzzles/interactions that need to be solved visually. If you would like more torches or even to bring in your own torches this is absolutely fine, we only ask that you bare in mind that each experience is designed with particular lighting in mind.

We are aware that there are many specific requirements that our customers may need and we always do our best to accommodate, so if you have any questions regarding how appropriate any of our rooms would be for you please reach out to us at: